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Little by Little by John R Little

Published May 1, 2015 by MommaCat

If you were to only buy one book per year (yeah, right! who am I kidding?) I would suggest that book to be LITTLE BY LITTLE.  This book is packed with some of the best stories that John R. Little has written to date. They include:

Miranda – This is a story of a man who lives his life backwards.  Not just aging backwards, but talking backwards, going from birth to death backwards, raising a family…That can be an extremely lonely life without someone to share it.  Miranda is that person.  This novella length story is unforgettable. John won a Bram Stoker award for Miranda.

Dreams in Black and White – Charlie has problems sleeping.  Well, the problems aren’t with his sleeping really, but with his dreams. Are they precognitive? Can he do anything about it?  And why does he continually wake up at 4:42am?

The Gray Zone –  This is the story of Henry.  He befriends a family while on vacation in Egypt and saves a little boys life.  Henry finds himself able to play around with the timestream in this novella length story.

Ursa Major – John steps away from playing with time to being chased by a bear in this camping trip turned horror story (sorry!).  Think guts and gore.

The Halloween Phantoms – This is a great scary short story for early on Halloween night. Better watch out!

These are just a few of the titles included in this amazing book.  Previously published in paperback by Bad Moon Books, you’ll be able to purchase this in digital format next year.

LITTLE BY LITTLE is the latest book by John R. Little to be nominated for a Stoker award.  On Saturday, May 9, the Horror Writers Association will reveal the winner in the category Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection.



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