CAT AFTER DARK is all about the best in Dark Fiction. You’ll find books from all over the horror family here – from extreme horror to haunted houses, Halloween nights to horror still chilling yet not gruesome.  Interviews cover authors from the thriller and suspense fields; fan favorite Michael McBride was the initial interviewee here. I have interviews from James Moore, John Little, Norman Prentiss…so many great authors – and a couple of publishers as well!

If you’re new to CAD, please look up all the interviews – check out The Authors page to see who has been interviewed here and when. I also post reviews for books that I receive in advance of publication from publishers and authors.  Check out the Random Review page for more must read books.

Many of the authors publish with small presses or independently or sometimes both.  Most of them work regular jobs for a paycheck like the rest of us to make ends meet and write the rest of the time. They depend on you to buy their books.  Please click when there are links and buy their books. Any ads you see here are from WordPress, I don’t make money from the ads.

Browse the site and enjoy!  Support the authors and read!


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