Synchronized Sleepwalking by Martin Mundt

Published December 16, 2015 by MommaCat

For those of you who read – or at least skim through my entire blog you’re going to get a double dose of Martin Mundt.  I actually read and reviewed this book a few months ago at the request of Marty’s new publisher, John Everson.  You can read that (along with a bunch of other reviews) HERE on the Random Reviews page.  If you didn’t get SYNCHRONIZED SLEEPWALKING yet,  let me run through the book and try to convince you to buy it today. Now. mmmkay?

A Bird in Hand –  BDSM with a little twist.  Always have a safe word.

The Girl With a Motorcycle for a Heart – A futuristic cop story, but some things never change.

Breathless – Cheating is never a good idea.

He Passed Himself Away – Some people just belong together.

The Pale Blue Zenith of the Sky – He built a ladder of books.

Chair – What would you do to become a millionaire?

Skinny Bones – Big Momma decides she wants a skinny beau.

Lost Dog – 6 page ad…

The Once-Upon-A Time King – Is this the king or a storyteller?

Flying – What is it like to fly?

The Saga of El Pollo  Part 1 – Live Poultry – Um…chickens.

The Saga of El Pollo  Part 2 – El Pollo – The crazy chickens.

The Saga of El Pollo  Part 3 – The Chicken Killers – Si, es loco.

Still Life with Walls – Jeff took up a new hobby.

Boom – Fun with firecrackers.

And that takes us just past 50%!  Whew!  There’s a lot of great reading still to come.






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