In a Cavern, In a Canyon by Laird Barron

Published November 1, 2015 by MommaCat

I love a good vampire story, but there haven’t been very many good ones written in recent years.  I’m not interested in choosing teams  or shiny happy sparkly vampires.  I’m after blood. And gore. And cruelty.

The stories in SEIZE THE NIGHT are old school vampires re-imagined for this century.  But they have all the terror a vamp fan could ask for.

Laird Barron wrote one of the stories in this anthology titled, In a Cavern, In a Canyon.  It takes place in Alaska and since it’s a short story, I think I’ll just stop there.  You already know know quite a bit, don’t you?The prose is eminently readable – it’s as wonderful as you would expect from Laird Barron.  I love his writing, I become engrossed in the stories and before I know it, I’ve reached the end.



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