Dark Avenging Angel by Catherine Cavendish

Published August 1, 2015 by MommaCat

I discovered Cat Cavendish’s books not too long ago and she very quickly became one of my to be hoarded authors.  She writes a type of horror I don’t see often: gothic, wonderfully descriptive, have witches, demons, good ol’ scares horror.  ANGEL is a perfect example of her writing.  While I wouldn’t call it gothic (not the right timeframe) and there aren’t any witches in this particular book; it’s got all the rest.

Jane is a young woman who has an abusive father. Nothing she does is good enough, but her mother won’t leave him.  Somewhat on the order of a fairy godmother a tall, dark woman appears to Jane and offers her vengeance on her father.  She tells her to decide carefully – she can choose two more in her life, then anything she wants can be hers.

Cavendish takes us through Jane’s life and we see why she makes the decisions she finally does.  But what does this mean for Jane? Why has she been given an angel?

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