Dark Screams Volume 4

Published July 15, 2015 by MommaCat

Random House-Hydra has come out with a particularly affordable series of anthologies written by (mostly) well known authors.  Dark Screams v4 contains a story called THE NEW WAR by Lisa Morton that crinkled my toes!  No easy feat there, let me tell you.

Now, maybe I’m just getting to the age where forgetting things is natural. And maybe Morton’s descriptive power is well honed. But when you put  those things together you find yourself climbing right in the middle of something/someplace you know you’re going to end up in someday and what?  Are you already there? What is real?   THE NEW WAR is an old and ongoing war.  It’s a great read.  Don’t miss it.

Dark Screams Volume 4 is available at Amazon.com


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