The Family Tree by John Everson

Published July 1, 2015 by MommaCat

Scott Belvedere receives an inheritance from his great-uncle – The Family Tree Inn located in Virginia.  His family has been running it for generations and now it belongs to Scott; there are no other Belvederes left.  He leaves his job in Chicago for a couple of weeks to check the business out and decide what should be done.

He finds a rustic well kept inn built around an enormous tree. He’s treated to an ale made from the sap of the tree with unusual properties.  And the women of the area seem to be exceptionally attracted to him.  Is it because he’s the owner of this successful Inn?  Or is it something else?

John Everson builds this story slowly and lets the reader get to know all the characters as the plot thickens and the horror builds.  There is a lot of graphic sex in this novel and some violence as well.  Everson weaves the paranormal into the story line with the skill of the expert that he is.  I really enjoyed this novel and hope that you will too.

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