Tormentor by William Meikle

Published March 1, 2015 by MommaCat

TORMENTOR is much more than a book about a haunted house. It has a storyline that will keep you guessing.

When grieving widower Jim buys an old house on a remote piece of land on an island in the British Isles, he gets much more than he bargained for. At first he tries not to let it bother him him as he settles in to a simple routine of daily living. It’s just a stripe of soot after all…

William Meikle mixes love lost and ghostly hauntings better than anyone I have ever read. He is a master of his craft. Buy this book, gift this book. Recommend this book to others.

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  • I have only read “The Creeping Kelp”. I recommend it to any one who enjoys a good B style horror movie. It was a fun read. I have him on my list for future reading Bruce


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