Congregations of the Dead by James A. Moore

Published January 1, 2015 by MommaCat

CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD is actually a joint effort between Charles Rutledge and James Moore.  It takes place in the town of Wellman, Georgia – a town that has had more than it’s share of “unrest” and problems.  This novel features as it’s heroes Wade Griffin and Carl Price, private investigator and County Sheriff respectively.  Another main character that has been carried over from previous stories is girlfriend Charon.  Many other familiar faces will be seen by frequent readers.  This is also part of a specific series that began with BLIND SHADOWS but if you’d like to pick up this first, I feel it’s strong enough to stand on it’s own merits. You can read BLIND SHADOWS second, no harm done.  I know that you’ll want to.

COTD is an action packed story with hardly time to draw a breath to rest.  The Reverend Lazarus Cotton is the anti-hero with the best story I’ve heard yet to explain his reason for being.  It’s so painfully obvious that I wish I had thought of that and wonder why more people haven’t.  Vague?  Yeah!  No spoilers from me!  If you want specifics you know the drill…buy the book!

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