An Interview with Craig Saunders

Published December 24, 2014 by MommaCat


1) What’s your earliest memory about storytelling?

I don’t have any memories before around the age of ten. I don’t think I was created in a vat, or cloned…but I can’t be sure. But Lord of the Rings, probably. Think I read that around ten or eleven. I know I read things like The Hardy Boys when I was a nipper, but Lord of the Rings is the one that grabbed me, and still does. I do like a bit of fantasy.

2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

Right here, right now. Pretty dull answer, I guess, but I’m content and very lucky. I’ve got everything I need, and I like where I am. I’m sure Middle Earth, or Gilead, or even Tatooine are very nice this time of year, but I’ll stick right here in my shed.

3) You have quite a few books coming out over the next several months. Would you like to talk about some of them?

Ooh, books. I like writing books. Keeps me out of all the other sorts of trouble. In 2015 I’ve got two novellas and two novels out with DarkFuse.

The first of the novels is ‘Masters of Blood and Bone’, due February. Holland, the main character, is a contract killer, but a nice one (ha) who only kills supernatural creatures…you know, Gods, things like that. I like those novels. There’s a little more globetrotting that usual, and I have to do my research. It’s good to stretch those muscles.

‘Flesh and Coin’ is out the month after (March, in case your readers are squiffy on months 😉 ). That one concerns a family that keep cropping up in my work (the Mulrones) and their matriarch in particular (Ma Mulrone). I like that story, and it links in with Deadlift, too.

There are two others due later in the year (‘Left to Darkness’ (a novel) and ‘Unit 731’ (novella). I’ve just finished another called ‘Highwayman’ which is shares a little of the ‘lore’ from another novel ‘Hangman’ (a reissue due from DarkFuse) and sheds some light on the origins of the mysterious mask featured in Deadlift.

I should think there will be more than four. Aside from the horror gig, I’m trying to release one fantasy title a year on my own. Anything outside of ‘straight’ horror I tend to publish independently.

Oh, and I’m collaborating for the first time in 2015, too, which is pretty cool.

4) What are the next three books you’re planning to read?

I’m a pretty shoddy reader, but I’m going to the library tomorrow. I guess if they’ve got the new Joe Abercrombie I’ll nab that, and maybe an Iain M. Banks I haven’t read. On the Kindle, I’ll probably read a DF title, as I’m trying to catch up there – maybe Tim Curran, as I know I like him.

5) When the weather outside is frightful, would you rather be playing outside in the snow or curled up snug by a fire? Please describe your perfect winter day.

Every winter day is perfect, as far as I’m concerned. Outdoors or in, I vastly prefer a nice chill to a hot and bright summer’s day. I think I’d like to sit by a fire, with the windows/doors open. Maybe somewhere Swiss, too. Swiss winters seem like proper winters. Here, the snow is fairly hit and miss.

I lived in Japan for a while. Snow there, up in the mountains, was just about perfect. So, cabin, fire, and fresh air all together. That’s my answer. Is it right? What do I win?

6) What if you could trade bodies with one person for one day? Who would that be?

Bodies? What, like with Jeffrey Dahmer? Oh…you don’t mean like that. Well, in that case, Hugh Jackman, because it’s as close as I’ll get to being Wolverine.

7) Who are the authors that influenced your writing the most?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Haruki Murakami, Stephen King, David Gemmell, Terry Pratchett, Iain Banks, Douglas Adams, Clive Barker…there are probably thousands more, but that’ll do for now. With regard to ‘style’ (I’m not sure my writing has a ‘style’!) probably some of the snappier writers – Charlie Huston springs to mind.

8) If you saw rabbit pull a pocket watch out of his waistcoat and call out that he was late, would you try to follow him no matter where he went?

Nope. Rabbits are crazy. They’re always running around, bouncing, like little furry lunatics. I’d rather just sit still with a nice cup of tea. Realistically, what do I care if the rabbit’s late? Not my circus, not my monkeys. Or…er…rabbit.

9) What five people – living or dead- would you invite to a dinner party? (Universal translators will be provided)

Ghandi, Hitler, George W. Bush, Cher and David Letterman. Not to my dinner party. Oh, no. To someone else’s. I don’t have dinner parties. I live in a shed. No way I’d fit all the crockery in here, let alone dinner and five other people.

10) How do you want the world to remember you?

By committing seppuku at the site of my tomb. Or, just be nice to each other. That’d suit me just fine, too. For preference, the nice thing. But I’m dead, so please yourselves.

Thanks for having me!

Thanks for being had, Craig! It was fun.  Be sure to visit Craig here, here and @Grumblesprout on Twitter!

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