Empty Rooms by Jeffrey Mariotte

Published December 14, 2014 by MommaCat

I’m honored to have revealed the cover to EMPTY ROOMS and proud and super stoked to give the first review.  Jeff has stated on his blog that more information will be forthcoming from him regarding the release date – I can tell you it’s worth the wait!

Fans of cold case file type cop stories will immediately be attracted to EMPTY ROOMS.  Go along with wannabe cop Richie ‘Maynard’ Krebbs and his police buddy Frank as they attempt to find a pedophile who has been kidnapping six year old girls for the past dozen years.  Jeff’s pacing in this novel is excellent. He slowly builds the pace allowing the reader to get to know all of the characters and draw conclusions along the way.  He clearly did his research as nothing was left unanswered and no stone un-turned.  His research into pedophiles produced interesting information as well; some I was probably better off left in the dark about.  As the story wound down to its conclusion it didn’t have that rushed feeling that so thrillers many do.  This was a very satisfying novel to read.  Excellent writing, great secondary themes and a great finish make this a must read for dark fiction fans.

Available now in paperback at Amazon.com!

Empty Rooms Cover_small

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