Blockbuster by Lisa Von Biela

Published December 7, 2014 by MommaCat

BLOCKBUSTER enters the world of the big pharmaceutical companies – and, wow – did that ever hit a nerve with me. Whose lives don’t they touch? Big Pharma, like car salesmen and the IRS manage to touch and infect everyone’s life at one time or another don’t they?

Von Biela as always has just the right mix of present and near future high tech in her story. it’s all chillingly real and had me questioning yet again if she didn’t have inside information and was actually leaking a story that had already happened.  After all, in this she wrote about computer watches – the iWatch was barely released, while she spent the last several months (at a minimum) writing this book.

Lisa has big ideas. She’s best suited for long epic novels. I wouldn’t mind seeing her go up against Stephen King in book length. Her stories unfold gradually as do his. Her mind is so active that the ideas just keep coming.  I’m glad.  Her future looks bright, even if the future she writes about is bleak.

BLOCKBUSTER is at Amazon. Buy it today!

Blockbuster cover

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