The Unhinged by David Bernstein

Published November 30, 2014 by MommaCat

THE UNHINGED was released by Samhain Publications on November 4  and is author David Bernstein’s newest entry this year in the extreme horror category.  UNHINGED introduces us to Aaron. He’s a guy who made a mistake and paid the price in prison.  Now he’s out on parole and living with his mother, “working at a dead-end job and trying to look toward the future.

But the future is blocked by a dirty cop with a grudge.  And since Aaron is on parole the tiniest misstep will send him back to prison. And so the his descent to hell begins.  This book is extremely graphic. There are graphic sexual situations and extremely violent situations.  Why I find this entertaining speaks to Bernstein’s writing and story telling ability. I cared about the people involved. This wasn’t just a slasher story, there were reasons behind everything that was done.

Just prior to UNHINGED he collaborated with three other horror authors to produce JACKPOT!  This was a story about a serial killer winner the lottery, and is a series that should not be missed.   UNHINGED was extreme horror that had me laughing. What more can you ask for?

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