Surrogate by David Bernstein

Published November 30, 2014 by MommaCat

SURROGATE is David Bernstein’s newest book to come from the Darkfuse Publishing line on kindle.  Taking place in the near future this novel is real life taken to the extreme. However, it is not extreme horror in the usual definition of the term. This is a book that any who enjoys Michael Chrichton pushed to the limits would enjoy.  Tom and Rebecca want to start a family but can’t do so in the usual way. Their doctor presents them with an option – a surrogate. But this isn’t your usual type of surrogate mother, oh no…and here’s where our story begins.  Bernstein takes us on a futuristic ride of medical miracles. Death and life are turned inside out.  As the story speeds to a close, you might be left wanting more.  That was my only complaint. 300 pages just wasn’t enough.

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