Blackout by Tim Curran

Published November 22, 2014 by MommaCat

Good old fashioned creep you out horror – that’s what Tim Curran does best. And that’s what BLACKOUT is. Horror, starting slowly and building to a final climax as few authors are able to do.  Consider this: you’ re alone in your favorite reading room. It’s cold and rainy; the drops are hitting the windows at a frantic pace.  Suddenly thunder crashes crashes overhead and something hits your roof at the same moment. Coincidence?  Sure. You continue reading and find the characters in BLACKOUT experiencing the same thing that you are. Then their lights go off. Did yours just flicker?  Is this the Outer Limits?  Is Tim controlling your kindle?  Could be, or you could just be jumpy…you think?

Curran takes a storm and twists your mind. He takes a story that you may have heard before and puts his own spin on it.  Find out what happened to our world. Where did everyone go?  He twists Lovecraft so that it works for him, and for you. A very good book this is and one that’s available at


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