Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand

Published November 15, 2014 by MommaCat

It’s here. And it’s awesome! The sequel is better than the original.  If you’re one of the many fans of Jeff Strand’s horror novels, you certainly read WOLF HUNT. And you probably thought to yourself like I that it was pretty darn good and wouldn’t it be nice if he wrote another like it?  Well, he did.  Jeff Strand did an outstanding job of picking up where he left off in time.  The characters changed and matured over time and the story took off running.

Once again our heroes (?), George and Lou are tasked to find a werewolf.  Once again they find themselves in trouble.  But they learned from their first mistakes and are ready.  But they find themselves mired in a new pile of problems. What did you expect?

This book was as fast moving and as fun as it’s possible for a book to be. It’s my favorite Strand book yet.  There’s a maturity in his writing that wasn’t there before and a storyline that was excellent.  You can still have a signed, limited hardcover version of  WOLF HUNT 2 while supplies last.  Follow the link to Dark Regions Press. Or buy a paperback at Amazon.com.

Buy the paperback at Amazon.com


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