Facial by Jeff Strand

Published November 15, 2014 by MommaCat

Weird. Bizarre. Strange. That’s FACIAL. Jeff Strand has written strange stuff before – You read Kumquat, right? But that was simply unexpected. It was a romantic comedy from a horror author.  The story was a nice, normal story.  Who it came from was the odd part. And so we have FACIAL. It’s not a nice, normal story.  It’s a story about a face. It’s a story about murder. It’s a story about feeding said face. And that face? It lives in (on?) a basement floor. How did it get there? Why was a lion on top of it? Why was Greg’s wife cheating on him?

These questions and more are what FACIAL is all about.  Told as only Jeff Strand can tell a tale, I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of hours.  Projectile vomiting, passing a kidney stone and listening to a yodeling competition all come to mind.

This ranks up there as probably the most original story I can remember reading. Shame on me for not asking Jeff where he gets his ideas from.  But knowing him, he would have told me that he buys them in bulk at The Dollar Store.

You could buy this in bulk and gift it to all your friends. That would be the  thing to do this holiday season. Or you could be selfish and buy it for yourself  at Amazon. But, buy it you must!  FACIAL…only Jeff Strand could pull this one off.

Available at Amazon, of course.




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