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An Interview with David Bernstein

Published November 30, 2014 by MommaCat




1) I want to talk about Apartment 7C. I think it’s a story that nearly everyone can relate to and I loved the ending. Would you talk about your inspiration for that novella?

I wanted to write a story where an elderly person was the protagonist. Of course I knew the story would be in the horror genre. And I wanted to put her in a real-world situation involving domestic abuse. Make the antagonist seem like an impossible thing to beat. A huge, muscle-bound man against a little old lady. But that wouldn’t be enough, so I made him a police officer with an impeccable record, giving him even more power.


2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

Good question. I think in some kind of fantasy world, like the Harry Potter Universe. It’s fantastic. I love the scenery, buildings, wardrobes and the whole coziness of Hogwarts. I know it’s weird, but some place like that.


3) What are the next three books you plan to read?

Hmmm. I usually don’t plan. I have so many in my TBR list, both on my kindle and in paper form. Whenever I finish a book, I scan through my books and see what feels right at the time. Right now I’m reading Michael McBride’s SUNBLIND (fantastic).


4) Do you consider yourself handy around the house?

Somewhat. I’ve fixed a number of things around the house, like when the toilet stopped flushing, or when the faucet leaked or when the computer wasn’t working right. I can cork things and build things (like shelving and book cases) too. And I find doing these things interesting. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.


5) What’s your comfort food?

I can only pick one?!?! That’s a toss up between M&Ms and Ice Cream.


6) What if you could trade bodies with one person for one day? Who would that be?

Head of the C.I.A. so I could know and get a feel for what’s really going on in the world.


7) What life lesson do you wish you had learned much earlier than you did?

That’s easy. Paid more attention in school. For real. I always disliked school. I always wanted to play. Then in college all I wanted to do was party. Only after college had I matured—I’d guess you call it—and wished I’d studied harder. But you live and learn.


8) Who would you like to co-author a book with?

Actually, I have co-authored a book with some GREAT people/writers. Kristopher Rufty, Adam Cesare and Shane Mckenzie. We wrote JACKPOT together, a book about a serial killer that wins the lotto. It was a lot of fun and we plan on doing two more.

I wouldn’t mind writing a book with Stephen King, then again, who wouldn’t?


9) What five people – living or dead- would you invite to a dinner party? (Universal translators will be provided)

Sheesh, what a tough question to answer. I’m going to leave out family. So let’s go with whatever pops in my mind first. Bruce Lee (he and the 70’s Kung Fu movies are the reason I got into Martial Arts). Stephen King, (who I’ve had the chance to meet a few times, but never spent more than a few minutes with). John Carpenter (love his movies). John McTiernan (love his movies). Nathan Fillian, because he seems like a fun, cool dude.

10) Would you talk about your upcoming books nd their production schedule?

I am still working on some things for 2015, but so far I have a couple books coming out. The only novel with an actual set in stone date is my Darkfuse novel entitled SKINNER. It’s about a group of young adults heading up north during the winter and have an accident. They are in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard and find shelter in a cabin. Strange things begin to happen, including friends turning on each other and a mysterious multicolored wolf shows up, it’s really massive.

I also have a book coming out through Great Old Ones Publishing, tentatively titled THE SLUDGE. It’s going to be a crazy monster tale. I have MACHINES OF THE DEAD 3 coming out sometime. And I believe my next Samhain novel GOBLINS OF ROANOKE will be released, but I’m currently still writing it. It deals with the Roanoke legend of the missing colony. I might have a couple other projects coming out in 2015, a novella entitled Blue Demon, but at this moment, I’m not sure when.

11) How do you want the world to remember you?

As a writer who wanted to scare and thrill people, and give people a way to escape the real world for a while.


David is constantly writing and besides the books we talked about today he’s written RELIC OF DEATH, WITCH ISLAND, THE TREE MAN and many more. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  I’d love to take a long weekend and sit and re-read all of his books. Now that would be some fun reading!    You can find David at and on Facebook.   

Thanks for visiting today, Dave!   Hope you’ll come back again.

The Unhinged by David Bernstein

Published November 30, 2014 by MommaCat

THE UNHINGED was released by Samhain Publications on November 4  and is author David Bernstein’s newest entry this year in the extreme horror category.  UNHINGED introduces us to Aaron. He’s a guy who made a mistake and paid the price in prison.  Now he’s out on parole and living with his mother, “working at a dead-end job and trying to look toward the future.

But the future is blocked by a dirty cop with a grudge.  And since Aaron is on parole the tiniest misstep will send him back to prison. And so the his descent to hell begins.  This book is extremely graphic. There are graphic sexual situations and extremely violent situations.  Why I find this entertaining speaks to Bernstein’s writing and story telling ability. I cared about the people involved. This wasn’t just a slasher story, there were reasons behind everything that was done.

Just prior to UNHINGED he collaborated with three other horror authors to produce JACKPOT!  This was a story about a serial killer winner the lottery, and is a series that should not be missed.   UNHINGED was extreme horror that had me laughing. What more can you ask for?

Buy UNHINGED today at



Surrogate by David Bernstein

Published November 30, 2014 by MommaCat

SURROGATE is David Bernstein’s newest book to come from the Darkfuse Publishing line on kindle.  Taking place in the near future this novel is real life taken to the extreme. However, it is not extreme horror in the usual definition of the term. This is a book that any who enjoys Michael Chrichton pushed to the limits would enjoy.  Tom and Rebecca want to start a family but can’t do so in the usual way. Their doctor presents them with an option – a surrogate. But this isn’t your usual type of surrogate mother, oh no…and here’s where our story begins.  Bernstein takes us on a futuristic ride of medical miracles. Death and life are turned inside out.  As the story speeds to a close, you might be left wanting more.  That was my only complaint. 300 pages just wasn’t enough.

Buy Surrogate now at




An Interview with Tim Curran

Published November 22, 2014 by MommaCat

Tim photo



1) What would your power be if you were a super hero?

The uncanny ability to smell bullshit a mile away. The stench seems strongest in the direction of LA and New York where mass groupings of weasels can be found sunning themselves on heaps of rotting, broken promises.


2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

I would choose the Late Cretaceous Period of 65,000,000 years ago. I’d like to be in Minnesota on the shores of the Great Interior Seaway that cut North America in half at the time. I’d like to see that great primeval ocean and what swam there. Something no human being has ever seen.


3) Do you write every day? Would you still write if you didn’t need to make money?

Yes, every day unless life intrudes. Yes, I’d still write. Money’s fine, but you’re either in it for the love or you’re writing crap like zombies vs. special forces, giant shark books, or paranormal romances and if that’s the case, you should be exterminated anyway like the talentless slug you are.


4) How much research do you do?

A great deal. Unlike a lot of writers, I’m really like research. I like learning about things. And I’m a real stickler when it comes to historical or technical accuracy. As an example of that, a few years ago I read a horror-western by a very prominent horror author. It was pretty good until he had Wild Bill Hickok show up some five years after history tells us he was already dead. Mistakes like that are unforgivable. I threw the book away.


5) What’s your comfort food?

Pizza. 100% pizza. Plenty of other things I could name, but pizza is my favorite food bar none. I’m kind of a snob in that I won’t eat that garbage from chain outfits like Dominos. I like homemade one-of-kind pies from Italian restaurants. Then again, I’m not a snob because I like frozen pizza, too. I must be confused.


6) What if you could trade bodies with one person for one day? Who would that be?

Probably Olivia Munn so I could touch myself…no, no, probably George Clooney or someone like that. A powerhouse celebrity so I could feel, if only for one day, what’s it like to be important and successful. You know, feel pampered and strong and have my ass really, truly kissed. And I could date a supermodel. Sounds like win-win.


7) What are the next three books you plan to read?

Hmm. I’ve been going through a science fiction thing lately, trying to read important books that I overlooked. I’m reading Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke right now and it’s great. But the next three are: Ringworld by Larry Niven, Hothouse by Brian Aldiss, and All Flesh is Grass by Clifford Simak. Simak’s book has a town trapped inside a bubble-like dome…sounds like Stephen King did an obvious swipe on this one.


8) Who would you like to co-author a book with?

William Hope Hodgson…but he’s dead, so that would create problems.


9) What five people – living or dead- would you invite to a dinner party? (language & time are not problems)

I’d probably pick H.P. Lovecraft and four members of his circle—August Derleth, Robert Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard. Then I’d dose their drinks with LSD and see what turns the conversation took.


10) How do you want the world to remember you?

I’m hoping a story or two of mine might still be read 200 years from now, even if only by some hardcore horror historian. That my name would still be known—if only by a few people—is more than most people achieve.


I don’t know how my readers feel (but I can guess) and they’re all doing what I am right now…shaking their head in wonder and/or yelling at their monitor because Tim IS a celebrity! One who every horror reader would recognize if we saw you on the street, or in the graveyard…Maybe you’ll leave the far north and come visit my strange little town again soon?  I hope so.  Tim can be found hanging out at

Deadlock by Tim Curran

Published November 22, 2014 by MommaCat

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – a guy has a debt a can’t pay, but if he’s willing to spend the night on a haunted ship, the debt will be forgiven.  You’re groaning, aren’t you?  You say you’ve been there, read that and didn’t like any of the cheesy suckers?  Stop right there!  This is Tim Curran.  And when he takes an idea, he makes it his – in a big way.  This was one creepy story.  The fog was wispy and the dark was all encompassing.  And before you know it, you’ll be jumping at sounds as you read.  Make sure the doors are locked as you settle in for another fine evening’s read.

Deadlock. Buy it at now.


Blackout by Tim Curran

Published November 22, 2014 by MommaCat

Good old fashioned creep you out horror – that’s what Tim Curran does best. And that’s what BLACKOUT is. Horror, starting slowly and building to a final climax as few authors are able to do.  Consider this: you’ re alone in your favorite reading room. It’s cold and rainy; the drops are hitting the windows at a frantic pace.  Suddenly thunder crashes crashes overhead and something hits your roof at the same moment. Coincidence?  Sure. You continue reading and find the characters in BLACKOUT experiencing the same thing that you are. Then their lights go off. Did yours just flicker?  Is this the Outer Limits?  Is Tim controlling your kindle?  Could be, or you could just be jumpy…you think?

Curran takes a storm and twists your mind. He takes a story that you may have heard before and puts his own spin on it.  Find out what happened to our world. Where did everyone go?  He twists Lovecraft so that it works for him, and for you. A very good book this is and one that’s available at


An Interview with Jeff Strand

Published November 15, 2014 by MommaCat


Strand Photo



1) What would your power be if you were a super hero?

I’d be Social Media Self-Control Man, the man who can read really dumb stuff on Facebook and 99.97% of the time resist the urge to comment on it!


2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

I’d live in an imaginary version of Hogwarts, where you got all of the cool magic and stuff but didn’t have to deal with that Voldemort crap.


3) Tell us about your thought process when you sit down to write. Do you use an outline?

Sometimes the publisher requires an outline, though that’s never my preferred way to work. Usually I have kind of a general sense of where the story is going, though how closely I stick to that varies a lot from book to book. My preferred method is to know the ending, know a few stops along the way, and then know in detail where the next chapter or two is headed. Sometimes I’ve got it worked out further ahead, and sometimes I don’t know where it’s going from sentence to sentence.


4) If you were to have one wish granted, what would it be? (No wishing for more wishes!)

I would just crumble under the pressure and end up saying, “It’s too much responsibility! I don’t want the wish!” Because what I’d want is to be able to fly, but if I wished for the power of flight knowing that I could end world hunger, the guilt would haunt me for the rest of my life and I’d never be able to enjoy flying. But if I ended world hunger instead of being able to fly, I’d be bitter whenever I had a meal.


5) If you were stranded on a deserted tropical island, do you think you could survive?

I don’t know. Do I get to take one book and one movie with me?


6) What if you could trade bodies with one person for one day? Who would that be?

I don’t actually keep up with the sex lives of celebrities very well. Who gets the most in a day?


7) What are the next three books you plan to read?

Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman, Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, and Horror of It All (a collection of interviews) by David Kempf.


8) Who would you like to co-author a book with?

F. Paul Wilson, JA Konrath, Blake Crouch, and James A. Moore. Wait–I already have! Sweeeeeeet!


9) What five people – living or dead- would you invite to a dinner party? (language & time are not problems)

Patton Oswalt, Jeff Probst, Dave Barry, Stephen Colbert, and Buster Keaton.


10) How do you want the world to remember you?

“He wrote some funny, cool books.”


Sounds like Jeff has met some of his goals. I’ll sure remember him for funny, cool books and not just because I keep my kindle in the refrigerator.  🙂   Maybe we can do this again sometime, Jeff? Will you come back? Huh? Will ya?  I know where you live – and I’m tellin’ everyone to go to Gleefully Macabre.

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