Book Reviews vs.Book Reports

Published September 13, 2014 by MommaCat

I remember being in school and the teacher wanting a book report on some hated piece of classic literature. Teachers that were known for being hard would ask questions that had to be worked into the report. Answers could only be found if you actually read the book, the answers either had to be deduced or could only be found on a specific page and line.  The report was exactly that.  A report detailing what happened in the book, proof that you had read it cover to cover.  Liked it? Nobody cared if you liked it or not! A book report is full of spoilers – plain and simple.

A book review however is a bare bones description of the book in question. It should contain enough information to whet the reader’s appetite without giving away plot spoilers.  The reviewer should focus on what they liked about the book. Was the author successful in building tension, atmosphere and believable characters?  Were you, the reader, engaged by the language? Spoilers, if any, should be highlighted and boldly marked.

But why ramble on about what happens?  Talk about why the book is so good using your great language skills!  Save the telling of the story for the storytellers.

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