ANIMOSITY by James Newman

Published August 31, 2014 by MommaCat

When the monsters are your friends and neighbors what can you do?  That’s the very real horror James Newman brings to us in his newest novel from Permuted Press released this past March.

Andrew Holland is a successful horror author and gets along well with his neighbors on Poinsettia Lane. He’s scoffed at by many who don’t understand the people who read or write ‘that stuff’, but takes the ribbing with a grain of salt.  Comes the day he’s walking his dog and discovers a child’s body and all hell breaks loose…

Newman’s writing is as tight as always.  As the mob mentality for vengeance builds, so the tension grows. otherwise calm, decent people behave in irrational manners ill befitting what we came to think of as decent behavior.    I don’t think that you’ll look at anyone in the same way after reading James’ description of this once bucolic neighborhood.  And will you trust anyone ever again?


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