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An Interview with James Newman

Published August 31, 2014 by MommaCat

James Newman

1) Tell us about your accident.  How has that affected your writing?

I’ve been asked this on more than one occasion, and the answer is honestly “not much”.   Folks have asked me if I plan to write a story about a killer tree, which always makes me laugh.  The only way the whole horrible experience affected my writing: while I was out of work for 9 weeks I got soooo much writing done!  So there’s always a silver lining.


2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

What a great question.  I’m gonna say during the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.  Just so I could sit back in a cave, watch ’em walking around fighting and stuff, and the ten-year-old in me could just keep saying, “Cooooool!”

I should add that I’d only want to visit.  Can’t say I’d wanna live there for more than a day or so.  But, yeah — the big kid in me would get such a kick out of that for a while.


3) Do you write every day?  Would you still write if you didn’t need to make money?

I’m ashamed to say that I don’t write every day.  I know I should.  My favorite writers recommend it and some of them claim they don’t even take off holidays.  I admire the hell out of that.  I wish I had such discipline, but I don’t.  Not sure I ever will.

I would still write if I didn’t need the income, definitely.  Writing isn’t my full-time job anyway.  I like a regular paycheck every week, and I like having insurance.  Writing is enjoyable, but for now it’s just supplemental income for me.  Sometimes it’s very, very good supplemental income, but I’m still nowhere close to my fiction being enough in and of itself to put food on the table and keep a roof over my family’s heads.  That said, even if writing didn’t pay I’m sure I would still do it.  Because I love it.  And I love knowing there are people out there who dig my work.  In fact, that might be the best thing about it.  I guess I’m an egomaniac, as far as that’s concerned.  I think all writers are, at least a little bit.


4) What are the next three books you’re planning to read?

Not sure what the next three will be, as I rarely think ahead and usually just grab something on a whim.  But I’ll tell you what I’m reading at the moment.  A ton of stuff, mostly revisiting old faves:  Richard Matheson’s HELL HOUSE . . . that old anthology THE SKIN TRADE by Stephen King, Dan Simmons, and George R.R. Martin . . . Junji Ito’s UZUMAKI manga . . . VAMPYRRHIC by Simon Clark (remember when vampires used to be scary?!) . . . and a re-read of King’s IT for a series I’ve been writing with Kit Power (I invite readers to check that out and join in on our discussion here:


5) What is your favorite meal?

This one’s easy.  Doesn’t matter what entree it is specifically, but my favorite meal is any time my wife makes Mexican.  My mouth starts watering just thinking about it!


6) What five people would you invite to a dinner party? Language and time is not an obstacle.

Jesus Christ.  No one else.  I’d want Him all to myself for a few hours, ’cause I’d have so many questions.  And if anybody else was there I’m sure they’d just try to speak for Him.


7) Are you handy around the house?

Nope.  Something needs fixing, I have to ask for my dad’s help.  It’s pathetic!

A few years ago a guy at my day job made a comment, something to the effect of, “Give James a pencil and a piece of paper, he’ll impress the hell out of you.  But give him a screwdriver, he’s completely useless.”

To which I replied, “Yep.  That’s totally fair.”


8) Who would you like to co-author a book with?

I think my “voice” would gel really nicely with that of my favorite author, Joe R. Lansdale.  That would be so much fun.  I can dream . . . . 


9) Is there something that you hope to accomplish in the near future?

I just hope I can continue to write stories that keep my fans turning the pages.  That makes me happy.  If you had told me 15 years ago that one day I would have fans, people who weren’t my immediate family telling their friends about my books and pleading with me to write more, I would have called you insane.  What a great feeling.  That’s success, as far as I’m concerned.  


10) How do you want the world to remember you?

As a good guy, a humble guy who wrote stories that made the reader forget he or she was staring at words on a page.

I’ve been called the “Nicest Guy In Horror” a few times. I like that. I’ll take it. A fellow could certainly be called so much worse.



I’ll add my vote to the “Nicest Guy in Horror” moniker. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit Cat After Dark, James! My door is always open to you; please come by and let me know whenever you have a new book.

James Newman can be found at


ANIMOSITY by James Newman

Published August 31, 2014 by MommaCat

When the monsters are your friends and neighbors what can you do?  That’s the very real horror James Newman brings to us in his newest novel from Permuted Press released this past March.

Andrew Holland is a successful horror author and gets along well with his neighbors on Poinsettia Lane. He’s scoffed at by many who don’t understand the people who read or write ‘that stuff’, but takes the ribbing with a grain of salt.  Comes the day he’s walking his dog and discovers a child’s body and all hell breaks loose…

Newman’s writing is as tight as always.  As the mob mentality for vengeance builds, so the tension grows. otherwise calm, decent people behave in irrational manners ill befitting what we came to think of as decent behavior.    I don’t think that you’ll look at anyone in the same way after reading James’ description of this once bucolic neighborhood.  And will you trust anyone ever again?


Buy Animosity at Amazon

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UGLY AS SIN by James Newman

Published August 31, 2014 by MommaCat

UGLY AS SIN returns to Midnight, NC home of Newman’s debut coming of age novel MIDNIGHT RAIN.   When first released some critics described UAS as ‘white trash noir’.   But make no mistake, SIN is very much a horror novel.  Newman will lead the reader down a path of what seems to be a simple kidnapping. but it’s more. So much more.

It’s brutally shocking, emotionally draining and will not allow you to set the book down until the last word has been devoured.  When you find out where you’ve been dropped off you’ll look around bleary eyed  and beg for more.  If you’ve read UGLY AS SIN already, it just might be time for a re-read. While you’re at it, buy a copy for a friend.


Buy Ugly as Sin at Amazon



Do you find horror cathartic?

Published August 26, 2014 by MommaCat

Does sitting down with a novel about a serial killer soothe your soul and calm you down? Does the latest creature feature make you quiver with anticipation and jump for joy?

When escape into the dark side of the human psyche refreshes you, realize that you’re not alone.  Hoards of housewives, dozens of doctors and multitudes of the masses head for bookshelves daily looking for their newest monstrous fix.  Dark fiction relaxes many. It relieves the stress of our day to day lives and keeps us from doing the unthinkable things we read in our books.

When someone looks at you askance and asks you how you can read that stuff, your answer should be, “”How can I not?”






























An Interview with Michael McBride

Published August 17, 2014 by MommaCat



I chatted with Michael McBride recently on a number of different topics.  We decided that a question/answer interview format would be the way to go. You be the judge.


1) With all the research you’ve done what is the one thing you’d like to learn more about?

My research has led me down a lot of really dark rabbit holes. If I were to narrow it to one linear subject, I would have to say eugenics. The concept of one group of people identifying the most desirable human traits and setting into motion a plan to eradicate those who don’t fit their mold is both terrifying and fascinating. With the global population expected to exceed what experts believe the planet can support, I believe it’s going to be a central focus of many policies and debates in the not-so-distant future.

2) If you could live during any era in any land, real or imaginary, where would it be and why?

I would love to live during any one of the various ages of exploration. Imagine traveling with Darwin to the Galapagos Islands or crossing the American frontier amid herds of bison. Sailing off the edge of the map only to find a lush land populated by natives and fantastic creatures. The idea of being the first to discover an element of the world no one ever even imagined is exhilarating.

3) Do you write every day? Would you still write if you didn’t need to make money?

I write every day I don’t have to work at the day job, and put in somewhere in the neighborhood of forty hours a week. Considering how many years I wrote without making any money at all, I can’t believe there’d be some magical dollar threshold that would be enough to tempt me to stop. It’s just what I do, part of who I am.

4) Where did you get the inspiration for Ancient Enemy?

I’d be lying if I said I knew. I initially started writing with the intention of exploring the historical mystery of the disappearance of the Anasazi, while simultaneously integrating some sort of cryptozoological element, but the characters took over right from the start and the story became more about them and their circumstances than whatever threatened their livestock. At its core, Ancient Enemy’s a coming-of-age story about a boy finding his way in a world from which he feels totally detached.

5) Spicy food or mild?

It depends on the kind of spice. I’m not a big fan of the kind of peppers they use in Mexican and Cajun food, but I absolutely love Chinese, the spicier the better.

6) What’s your go to snack?

I could eat potato chips day and night, especially Lay’s Deli Style, which is why we no longer keep them around. I eat a lot of fruit and yogurt now instead.

7) Do you like to shop for clothes or do you ask your wife to pick things up while she’s out?

I don’t like to shop for clothes, but I’m not completely inept, either. I pretty much buy the necessities online. Jeans, shorts, sundries, what not. The majority of my wardrobe is largely jerseys and team apparel. One of the bonuses of the aging process is that you reach a point where you no longer have to worry about what anyone else thinks of how you’re dressed.

8) Who would you like to co-author a book with?

Jim Marrs. He has a fascinating worldview. I’d love to pick his brain and explore the resulting tangents.

9) Have you considered woodworking as a hobby?

Is whittling a form of woodworking? I wouldn’t mind doing a little whittling. I kind of like the idea of just sitting out on the porch in a rocking chair with a sharp knife. I imagine we’d get fewer solicitors. And suitors for my teenage daughter.

10) How do you want the world to remember you?

I don’t care if the world remembers me or not. My hope is that my children will one day look back and be able to say that I gave them every advantage they needed to succeed. I want them to grow up to be happy and productive adults, who learned enough from my parenting—the good and the bad—that they’ll be even better parents to their children, and in doing so will help improve a small part of the world. And I’d like to leave a little piece of me in my work, so that I’ll always be there for them when the need me.



Link to Michael’s site by clicking here.  Don’t forget to come back!


Published August 16, 2014 by MommaCat

FEARFUL SYMMETRY published in July by Factor V Media for kindle is a non-stop adventure that will leave you breathless. McBride’s research and attention to detail shines through once again bringing the past right smack in your face.

A research team is sent to the highest point of the Tibetan Himalayas. What will they find? How will this affect everything they thought they knew?

Buy Fearful Symmetry today at Amazon.


fearful symmetry




SUNBLIND by Michael McBride

Published August 16, 2014 by MommaCat

It’s as timely as it gets. Undocumented aliens crossing the Sonoran Desert trying to escape the poverty of Mexico to a better life in the United States. But lest you think this is another bleeding heart liberal out to change your mind, you better read this first. You will feel the August sun beating down on your back as you put one foot in front of the other and wish you had thought to bring just one more bottle of water. Yes, that’s you inside the mind of the escaping Mexican. That person paid that coyote everything they had and left with only the clothes on their back for the chance at a new life in America. Now horrors unlike they ever dreamed are happening. Will they live to see tomorrow?   Michael McBride takes the reader on a ride that they won’t soon forget. Lose yourself in SUNBLIND.

Buy it on kindle or paperback at today!

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